Project Tips

• Our crews use power tools and air compressors, so we will need to have access to electrical outlets. If there is a refrigerator, freezer, medical equipment, computer, or other valuable equipment, we ask that you check the breaker each day to ensure the breaker was not tripped inside the home during construction. Please make sure precautionary actions are taken to prevent unfortunate situations, as we cannot be responsible for defrosted food or other items.

• Items stored in the attic are subject to dust and debris during the roof removal. Please cover any valuables with an old blanket or tarp.

• Even though we take every precaution to protect your gutter system, one slip can cause a dent or scratch. A small amount of damage is sometimes unavoidable; however, we will repair any major damage to your gutters.

• If you have skylights in your bathroom, please schedule your bathing times accordingly.

• Untrimmed trees can cause premature wearing of the roof. In addition to damaging shingles, debris can build up in valleys, promoting algae growth. If your trees need to be pruned in order to keep limbs off the roof, please do so before the roof project begins.

• To minimize landscaping disturbances, please turn off automatic sprinklers one or two days before roof or siding installation. In addition, please mow your lawn the day before the crew arrives. It is easier to find nails and other debris in a lawn that is not knee deep. Protect your sprinkler system by clearly marking the sprinkler heads with red tape or string so that the workers can see them without difficulty.

• Careful precautions are taken to keep debris and nails from pools and spas. However, windy days can occasionally result in sawdust, granules or nails entering the pool. During installation, please turn off all pool and spa pumps. A pool cleaning should be scheduled after your new roof is installed. For safety, please keep family members away from swimming pools that are covered with a tarp!

• Roofing and Siding creates a temporary construction site that can be hazardous. It is important to remind children of the dangers. Pets can also find strangers unnerving. If you have pets that you believe are uncomfortable in this situation, we advise having them boarded during the application.

• We strive to deliver materials the day before or the same day your roof installation is to begin, so that you are spared the inconvenience of the placement of materials in your driveway. We will attempt to call you prior to the delivery of materials. Most roofs can be completed in 1-4 days.

• Our professional crews are trained to tear off only what can be decked, felted and shingled in a day. When a crew is done for the evening, your roof will be tied-in at the ridge rows to provide a safe, water-tight transition in case of inclement weather during the night. We make every effort to make the task of tearing off the old roof safe and clean. Please understand that construction is a messy job, but that we will make every effort to keep the site as clean as possible, within reason.

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